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Carapace: Institutional Report

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Carapace: Abbreviated Introduction

As the decentralized finance (DeFi) lending market expands, cryptocurrency lenders are increasingly vulnerable to borrower default risk when funding under-collateralized loans. To accommodate the growth of this market, additional primitives may be necessary.

Carapace Finance is developing a core decentralized finance primitive to promote maturation, capital efficiency, and wider access within the decentralized finance sector. This DeFi primitive is expected to enable a greater variety of investors. 

Carapace will initially be rolled out on Ethereum and may later be extended across other blockchains depending on the demand for under-collateralized loans.

California-based research and development firm Starlings Lab is contributing to the development of Carapace. Several investors support the initiative, and the founding team boasts a good blend of technical and managerial expertise.

Currently, users can sign up for the beta version of a test product. However, an official roadmap for the project has yet to be released.

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