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Defactor: Institutional Report

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Defactor: Abbreviated Introduction

It is believed that there is significant unmet trade financing demand affecting mainly Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs). At the same time, in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sphere, liquidity providers demand stable yield opportunities. Defactor is a gateway to bridge these two ends and introduce Real-World Assets (RWA) to DeFi.

As the name suggests, Defactor stands for Decentralized Factoring. The Defactor Platform offers an opportunity for Real-World Asset Originators (RWAOs) to obtain collateralized funding via DeFi liquidity pools. Its solution reduces barriers to entry for RWAOs by providing the required funding infrastructure and provides investors with transparency and governance over the assets being traded. The platform is supported by an ecosystem of partners providing various value-added services.

At present, the Project is onboarding RWAOs to its experimental gateway to DeFi, the Springpad.

The platform’s native ERC-20 token, $FACTR provides several utilities: governance, incentivization, staking, and network access. The FACTR token will be repurchased in the future using platform revenue and redistributed to incentivize positive actions (buyback-and-make).

The team has vast experience in international trade, supply chains and technology. Specifically, the team has already gained experience in RWA financing on DeFi via Centrifuge’s Tinlake platform. A wider group of ecosystem participants facilitates the team.

The Project aims to achieve decentralization or majority community governance in Phase 3 of its roadmap, planned for 2023 and beyond.

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