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Investing and wealth creation is dominated by the top 10% of the global population with the highest income. Look at the US stock market for instance. The major market indices surged around 200% between 2009 and 2019, which means that serious wealth was made by the already wealthiest population in America.

At D-CORE, we set out to democratise investing. Imagine what can be accomplished if everyone with any discretionary capital, located anywhere across the globe could invest. We realised that this segment of micro investors would be investing their hard-earned money and need to have access to unbiased, yet highly reliable research. That’s exactly what the D-CORE research engine provides, making expert due diligence accessible to all, in a completely hassle-free way.


The D-CORE research engine uses blockchain technology to aggregate research and reviews from thousands of sources and have the recommendations analysed by investing experts, while the process is overseen by industry leaders.

Blockchain offers several social benefits:

  • Decentralised nature empowers a wider population
  • Establishes greater accountability in every business process
  • Builds trust through real-time transparency in operations
  • Accelerates financial inclusion

In any process, the existence of intermediaries often increases cost, makes processes slower and centralises power in the hands of a few. Blockchain eliminates these middlemen, offering cost and efficiency benefits as well as reducing disenfranchisement through racial inclusion.

The D-CORE research engine supports the emergence of micro investors. This would make more capital available for start-ups, which has historically been a severely undercapitalised group. With this, more innovative businesses would have the chance to survive and flourish. And, more entrepreneurs would be able to create success stories.



Kevin Mudd

Kevin is the Founder of D-Core and conceptualised the idea and research methodology that forms the basis of what we use today. A British national, he has spent his 40 year career working in financial services across Europe, Asia, and Africa and for the last 25 years has been the Founder & CEO of a $200 million AUM European fund administration company operating in Luxembourg and Cyprus. As someone who has managed dozens of funds covering all major asset classes, he has an expert understanding of how good quality research can impact the performance of an investment. This, in conjunction with the new distributed processes that the blockchain has enabled, led him to create D-Core in response to the demand for institutional research that his clients wanted.

Simon Bowles

Chief Delivery Officer
Simon began his career in investment banking and venture capital, and was one of the first hires at Capital IQ, a start-up that grew into the largest private equity transactional database on Wall Street, and was subsequently purchased by Standard & Poor’s for $400 million. After this, he moved to the buyside, working as a trader for global hedge funds in London, and has also consulted for the likes of McKinsey and KKR. Since leaving London, he has worked across Europe within Fintech and especially DLT/Blockchain, including on two occasions serving as CEO. Having worked at five start-ups throughout his career, including two VC-backed enterprises, Simon also leads the Venture Partner team in facilitating successful incubation of the fund’s portfolio.

Patrick Makedonas

D-Core Project Manager
Patrick is an enthusiastic crypto currency early adopter who has invested in over 30 crypto start-ups, and is both a founding member of Bitcoin Club Cyprus and former partner at Universal Crypto. As the D-Core project manager during its stealth phase, he was pivotal in using his broad blockchain investor network and project management skills to roll out our product into the wider blockchain research community. During this period, Patrick was also in charge of building our proprietary research engine working in tandem with the technology department. He remains part of the team responsible for our community management and oversight of our research processes.



Jan Sell

Tokenisation & Capital Markets.

Christiana Aristidou

DLT Law & Smart Contract Frameworks.

Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis

Blockchain Technologies.