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For literally thousands of years, a kind of ‘social contract’ has existed between individuals and their employers. This arrangement saw people exchange their time for some form of compensation (if they were lucky!). Mostly though, if you worked, you ate, it was as simple as that, and this agreement has been the basis for society and, if not universally popular, has at least stood the test of time…

Now though, employees stand on the edge of quite literally a new dawn – one characterised by opportunity but also huge uncertainty and disruption. The continuing and rapid evolution of technologies such as the internet, the way we communicate, AI and automation pose the biggest threats to our working practices since man first started organised labour all those millennia ago. Now though we all face the challenges of adapting to this new paradigm.


For our Researchers, D-Core was built to be part of this rebalancing of the social contract away from invisible big business and towards the ordinary enthusiast who may be feeling they are not ‘part of the process’. Let’s face it, most ordinary people who share an interest in technologies like blockchain are never going to have the chance to be part of a collective research effort analysing the projects of tomorrow and profiting from their success. In fact, the way the world is going, this type of opportunity is happening to a smaller and smaller ‘select’ group of technologists and financiers – the 0.1% as they are often known. As blockchain and open-source advocates, we are passionate about how ideas like Bitcoin were conceptualised to re-address this imbalance and solve problems:

We are decentralised which fosters inclusion

We utilise the blockchain to incentivise people…

…and create transparency.

Our researchers are accountable for their efforts

And we pull down barriers to the way people interact with new, emerging projects

 That’s why we set up D-Core – to allow (all) technology and start-up enthusiasts to more equally collaborate in this new paradigm.





Kevin Mudd


Kevin is the Founder of D-Core and conceptualised the idea and research methodology that forms the basis of what we use today. A British national, he has spent his 40 year career working in financial services across Europe, Asia, and Africa and for the last 25 years has been the Founder & CEO of a $500 million AUM European asset manager operating in Luxembourg and Cyprus.


Simon Bowles

Chief Delivery Officer

Simon started his career in venture capital and private equity research followed by trading at hedge funds in London, and has consulted for the likes of McKinsey and KKR. Since leaving the UK, he has worked in various countries in Europe in FinTech/DLT, including at C-level at Skilling, Cubits, and PayMachine. He currently sits on the advisory board of five start-ups.


Constantinos Antoniou

Head of Research and Community

Constantinos is Head of Research and Community at D-Core and in this capacity he is responsible for the onboarding of new researchers, and creating and managing a vibrant remote team. A long-time advocate for new technologies, he was one of the founding members of  Bitcoin Club Cyprus, Cyprus Ethereum Community and Universal Crypto, all in Cyprus.



Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis

Theo is an internationally renowned cryptologist and blockchain advocate. He is a research fellow at UCL, Head of the Technical Committee for Cyprus for the European Commission, and a Board Member at Cyprus Blockchain Technologies. He is a leading academic in the field having contributed significantly to the research of both University of Cambridge and UCL.

Nick Beecroft

Nick is a veteran capital markets professional who started his career in 1981 in London. During that time he was the UK Treasurer at Citibank, Global Head of FX at both Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered, as well as Chairman of Saxo Bank and chair of the risk committee at the National Bank of Egypt UK.

Jason Butcher

Jason, one of the leading names in global payments, is the CEO of the CoinPayments and the founder of, Parallel Payments, and Clear Payments. He sits on the board of Blockchain Association of Canada, and the National Crowdfunding and Fintech Association.



Jan Sell

Tokenisation of Capital Markets

Jan is currently the CEO of Binance Germany, the largest crypto exchange in the world. He has over 20 years’ experience in operational management from capital market firms such as Morgan Stanley, Kineta, and Meteora Partners through to leading blockchain companies such as Cubits, iFunded and Baltasaar.


Christiana Aristidou

DLT Law & Smart Contract Frameworks

Christiana is the leading blockchain and DLT-focused lawyer in Cyprus and has worked with numerous established companies and start-ups in both Europe and Silicon Valley. She is an established publication author and regular speaker at global conferences and summits, and is the lead partner at Christiana Aristidou LLC.


Matt Starkey

Blockchain Communities Evangelist

Matt is an early pioneer in the incentivisation of content creators via distributed ledger technology. As an advocate and entrepreneur within the space he is the Founder of two successful crypto companies, as well as being one of the leading influencers in Steemit, and now a leading ‘witness’ on the Hive blockchain.