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D-Core’s Asset Reviews provide in-depth analyses of factors that impact a blockchain project’s trajectory. These analyses cover all traditional elements, such as business model, technology, market conditions, and competition. Further, reports also include evaluations of industry-specific aspects including legal compliance, tokenomics, and virality.

Funds, family offices, and other investors can request exclusive Asset Reviews for specific projects that they are currently looking into.

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For organizations seeking not only insights into their own business but active support from specialists, D-Core offers project-based mentoring and consulting services. Our unique position as a research company with a comprehensive ecosystem enables us to provide your company with blockchain experts of all types, from technological to business development, marketing, and legal issues.

Whether you are looking for assistance on entering the blockchain market or optimizing your existing crypto business, our team of researchers and consultants will help you solve industry-specific problems and become a successful company in this field.

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Project Audits

Our Project Audits are designed to provide crypto exchanges with the answers they need to successfully onboard a new coin or token. These due diligence reports scrutinize the sustainability of a project’s business model, aspects of market positioning like its competitive landscape and tokenomics, as well as regulatory compliance and governance.

By leveraging D-Core’s research engine, exchange operators obtain a clear picture of the red flags and potential risks associated with listing a certain project.

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Intelligence Ahead of the Game

Science-backed purpose-driven research on blockchain projects. Using a proprietary scientific method on-chain and market data is analyzed to generate in-depth early-market insights on new and disruptive projects in the crypto space.

Institutional Grade Digital Asset Research

Industry-leading blockchain and crypto research developed for institutional investors and venture capital firms delivered to you.

Reliable Crypto Insights

Comprehensive market-wide intelligence from a global team of researchers and analysts at your fingertips through daily and weekly market insights on DeFi, NFTs and Blockchain across the board to help you make the right decisions.

Joint Ventures

Industry-leading blockchain and crypto research developed for institutional investors and venture capital firms delivered to you.

What our customers say:

"As D-CORE and this side of the crypto environment grow together, we’re going to see tremendous adoption for a solution that provides this level of insight"

Jason Butcher

CEO of CoinPayments

"Great company to work with! They respond quickly to e-mails and the report is extensive and valuable when assessing the projects"

Nexxt Gamefi

Next-Gen Crypto Games

"We were happy to stumble upon D-Core’s research about Aleph Zero. It was definitely one of the most comprehensive publications about the project that pointed our several vulnerabilities worth addressing by the founding team. We also appreciate the collaborative spirit of D-Core and the relationships we’ve established in the process"

Aleph Zero

Blockchain Platform