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A Collaborative Effort which brings together people from research, universities, businesses, finance and legal & compliance.

Our Research reports combine the right insights, analytics, and due diligence on emerging crypto and digital assets to drive stronger performance across the board for blockchain investors.

Expert Team

Our in-house and distributed team comprises of over 1,500 enthusiasts and early adopters through to PhD-level researchers and academics in blockchain, DLT, cybersecurity, big data and AI.

QA Experts & Venture Partners

Our Quality Assurance Experts are tasked with checking , overviewing and finalising the Research Reports together with our Venture Partners, who are consulted to review sections in the Reports that are relevant to their field of Expertise.

Partnered with Leaders:

The brainchild of a regulated fund manager with 30 years of experience and €500 million in assets under management, and partnered with University College London / UCL.

Advisory Panel

Our methodology is supported by a strong Senior Advisor panel, which comprises experienced and influential professionals from the blockchain space and other industries.

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Our Methodology

  1. Social Hype Scanning the most popular blockchain and tech forums, relevant platforms, and our own networks to identify projects that are generating positive excitement.
  2. Due Diligence Assessing sourced projects utilising a methodical due diligence process, performed by a large group of distributed technology experts.
  3. Research Committee Our experts and venture partners thoroughly examine these projects and make their suggestions.
  4. Selection Process Using a proprietary scientific approach, this extensive research generates a small number of projects most likely to be disruptors.