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Become a Researcher:

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First things first: What is D-Core?

D-Core is the world’s first genuinely decentralised collaborative academic effort, bringing people from the crypto, academia, business, technology, finance, and legal worlds together. With your help, we can bring institutional-grade blockchain research to life, while sharing the rewards a community in this space has to offer!

Now, what is it like to be a D-Core researcher?

Our researchers have no obligation or limits as to how much (or how little) work they can do, where they do it from, or at what time of the day they do it. We want you to feel confident, relaxed and focused on your research, which is why we’ve designed our product around the researcher experience.

The main benefits of becoming a D-Core researcher are:

  • Most importantly, you’ll strengthen your ability to research blockchain and Decentralised Ledger Technology (DLT) projects. As a crypto enthusiast, you most likely already ‘research the market’. As a D-Core researcher, however, you’ll now be able to do it as a part of a successful team of dedicated professionals.
  • You will gain valuable insights into the process of professional research, using a methodology designed by PhD-level experts. You’ll also receive the research results you helped create, which capital institutions actively look and pay for.
  • You will gain demonstrable experience and skills in blockchain research and finance, resulting in improved career prospects in the new financial ecosystem.
  • You’ll be able to benefit from our revenue share models.

As a researcher, you’ll be using a platform that tracks researchers’ work to ensure a fair distribution of rewards based on the substance and quality of their output. Researchers choose to specialise in particular areas of blockchain research and are commissioned to answer questions about them within our platform. For every item answered by a researcher and verified by a panel of experts, the researcher will receive Researcher Points (RP) depending on the quality of their output and difficulty of the question at hand. Using the RP system, we’ll compensate you for your efforts, distributing a percentage of our earnings among researchers based on RP. 

Researchers can also suggest projects for review. If you tell us about a new project that successfully gets added to our engine, you’ll get rewarded with RP and an allocation to co-invest along with the KMG Blockchain Fund, should it choose to invest in the project you recommended. 

Additionally, D-Core aims to create a business model that distributes its earnings among all of its components. In this spirit, we incorporate the following revenue share models:

Revenue share model #1: Subscriptions.

D-Core caters to institutional investors. We share our examination results with paid subscribers in the form of high-quality research reports. And, by sharing our revenue with our researchers, we aim to create a pool of talent that receives rewards, while producing objective insights for each project researched. Capital institutions can acquire a yearly subscription to our research results for 8000 euros, with a monthly subscription costing 800 euros.

Our researchers, apart from being able to access professional, top-quality research for free, get a 15% share from D-Core’s revenue, split between them based on Researcher Points. 

Such a distribution, therefore, could look like this:

Revenue share model #2: The KMG Blockchain Fund.

Our sister company, KMG Capital Markets, is setting up a Blockchain Fund to invest in start-ups based on the research produced by D-CORE. KMG will invest in the most promising companies from the research that you, as a team member, can help deliver. The formation of the fund has already begun, and we will keep our community updated on its progress.

Note that, as happens with the previous model, the percentage distributed among researchers will not be divided evenly, but determined by RP.

Once the fund is set up, our researchers can partake in our success in the following ways (assuming a 50% profit level):

The KMG Blockchain Fund will allow our researchers to co-invest in projects we select. 5% of our total allocation per project will be available for researchers on the D-Core Engine, at institutional investor prices.

We are always on the lookout for new projects to research, but sometimes we might miss a hidden gem. Therefore, we reward any researcher who brings any worthwhile project to our attention. Said researchers will earn additional RP, which in turn influences the share of each month’s subscriptions they receive, as well as their percentage from the Fund’s performance share.

Additionally, if the Fund managers decide to invest in the nominated project, the researcher who proposed it will be awarded the option to co-invest at a preferential rate. This means that the KMG Blockchain Fund will allow the researcher to purchase up to 5% of the Fund’s allocation of the shares or tokens of the project at the institutional price reserved for the Fund.

So, is D-Core a good fit for you?

We believe that joining D-Core can be great for you if you’d like to:

  • Start a career in the blockchain space.
  • Learn about the inner workings of financial institutions and what they look and pay for when investing in companies.
  • Research blockchain/DLT projects and continue learning about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them.
  • Meet like-minded people in the new financial ecosystem and grow your network. 
  • Invest in the blockchain space guided by institutional-grade research. 

Starting your path as a researcher.

If you are convinced about becoming a researcher, you can get started on this path right now! To do so, just:

  1. Head over to and click on the “Sign Up” button. Once you enter your email and create a password, you will need to confirm your address. Open your inbox to find an email with a link indicating we have the right one. This will send you to a page where you can add your personal information, and agree to our Terms and Conditions. 
  2. Upload your latest CV. Please add some text at the bottom of your CV detailing why you believe you are well suited to be a D-CORE researcher. Disclose as much information as possible about you and your experience with the DLT industry, and tell us about your research capabilities. 

Note: At any point in time, if you have any questions, you can use the “Support” button in your dashboard to contact us. 

Once you get accepted into our engine, you’ll be able to start researching by answering questions within our system. To answer questions, select the ones you feel the most knowledgeable in answering. You can also decide to answer all of them if you wish to. Now is your time to demonstrate your ability as a researcher! Make sure that you:

  • Clearly understand the question and what exactly it is asking of you.
  • Have provided a detailed, in-depth explanation. Keep in mind that the editorial team will take your answer and compile it into a singular answer alongside your fellow researchers. Your editor will NOT be researching the projects and will be using YOUR answer to create a summary and a report. 
  • Provide evidence, such as references on where you found the answer that you are giving us. If the Quality Assurance (QA) team does not find adequate information regarding your answer and proof, you will be rejected and won’t receive any rewards for that answer.
  • Screenshot any conversations with team members of the project you’re reviewing, and attach those screenshots as proof to your answers.
  • Clearly understand our number rating system. If you have questions about it, contact Support. 

You’re in!

Becoming a D-Core researcher can be the start of a fruitful career in the blockchain space. There’s no telling how far you can go, but, indeed, taking the first step is something that you should be proud of.

In the end, that’s how every journey begins!


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