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Diva: Institutional Report

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Diva: Institutional Report

Diva: Abbreviated Introduction

Staking pools are operated in a highly centralized way, with single actors owning the validator keys, which means that they have full control over transaction censorship, block production, and maximal extractable value choices. Additionally, it can be cost-prohibitive and technically complex for someone to operate their own validator, as it requires 32 ETH and technical skills.

The team behind Diva, which stands for “Distributed Validation,” believes that the most viable alternative to the 32 ETH requirement is to create a distributed peer-to-peer network of nodes that collaboratively run validators.

Users of Diva Protocol receive divETH upon depositing ETH as stake on Ethereum. divETH is a Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) that reflects the staking rewards generated by the ETH deposited via Diva. Diva also offers the option to ‘Wrap’ divETH to create wdivETH.

The project is based in Zug, Switzerland, which is viewed as the most advanced blockchain hub in Europe. The project has the backing of many investors, and the executive team is highly experienced.

The project is in the Testnet phase, open to all participants, to finalize the design decisions. Diva will be rolled out in two phases once it is ready for Mainnet, which is expected to be launched in the following months.

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