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Scroll: Institutional Report

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Scroll: Institutional Report

Scroll: Abbreviated Introduction

Zero Knowledge Rollups (zk-rollups) are layer-2 scaling solutions that enlarge throughput on the Ethereum mainnet by moving state-storage and computation off-chain. However, existing zk-rollups are application specific, making it hard to build general composable dApps inside a zk-rollup and migrate existing applications. 

Scroll introduces zkEVM, which can generate zk proofs for general Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) verification. This allows the project to build a fully EVM-compatible zk-Rollup, which any existing Ethereum application can easily migrate to.  

As a fully open-source and community-centric project, Scroll intends to scale blockchains to be accessible to billions of users. 

A native protocol token has not been announced. 

The project is located in Seychelles, a country that is seeking to regulate the activities of Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs).  

The project team has a strong academic and technical background. Multiple investors are also backing the project. 

The public testnet has not yet been launched. Currently, it is possible to sign up to use the pre-alpha testnet. Those who sign up will have the opportunity to test the early version of zkEVM. In the initial release, Scroll will run a private fork of Ethereum with a testnet Layer-2 on top.   

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