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Finance has, traditionally, been slow to innovate.

As the world grows and gets disrupted and reinvented by new technologies, financial firms –ranging from those offering financial advice to international banks — seem to lag behind the pack when it comes to adopting new business and revenue models. While words such as “blockchain”, “new technologies”, “FinTech”, and others are used often in coffee meetings and sales brochures; a deeper understanding of the internal workings of financial advising, counselling, and banking reveals how recycled practices have gone into a decay which prevents the growth that investors are looking for.

In this article, we’ll explain the unique model we’ve created to improve and innovate on top of the existing financial and investment models. We will also dive deep into D-Core’s DNA, showing you how we expect to bring true innovation into the Capital world.

Reason #1. Decentralised times call for decentralised practices.

In our previous article, we covered how blockchain and Decentralised Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are pushing industries to previously unimaginable business models. The decentralisation of Finance (DeFi) brought along by blockchain, DLTs, and their prototype, Bitcoin, has shown us that it is possible to rethink the workarounds of almost every industry. This dramatic change, of course, puts the risk-averse, pontifying-prone experts in charge of VC and Angel funds in a tricky position: Suddenly, the power of dictating what will happen in the crypto market will be vested upon them, as opposed to the community and marketing hype.

Following the Internet’s organic growth and evolution leads us to social media and decentralised communities based on the blockchain, an exciting but still unrealised prospect. To illustrate the difference of social media and blockchain communities, we can cite the blockchain-based platform Steem-it as an example: Steem-it (roughly speaking) allows users to reward each other with cryptocurrencies originated by the Steem blockchain, without spending their own holdings. These tokens are rewarded to those creating meaningful or helpful content in a forum, a system which was quickly leveraged by innovators to conduct inexpensive marketing campaigns, create new innovative platforms, and produce even more content, essentially for free.

At D-Core, we understand the tremendous value of these communities, and aim for an information funnel composed by mixing decentralised –therefore reliable, impossible to manipulate, and transparent — research using platforms such as Steem, the opinions and internal workings of our experts, and a systematised outlook on the crypto community’s behaviour. With the latter, we scan the depths of the Internet to find the projects that are genuinely worth our time. With the former, we leverage a community of over 200 highly-educated, experienced investors, and reward them for analysing prospects and generating valuable information. We then feed the combined information to a heterogeneous team of experts to conduct due diligence and further do research.

Which, coincidentally, leads us to the next big difference:

Reason #2: Trading (some of) the MBAs for Professors and Computer Scientists.

When you look at a Fund’s website, it’s easy to understand what holds innovation down: Mainly, you’ll see that most of the people working in them have similar working experience, come from a similar background, and have a shared vision. While in another time this would have made perfect sense, the 21st Century requires teams to be built around a mix of skills.

AngelList creator and Angel Capital guru Naval Ravikant highlights that “computer scientists and professors are just as crucial a part of Finance now as MBAs were back in the day”, and that’s precisely what we aim to do at D-Core: We’ve managed to assemble a team that features blockchain community creators, computer scientists, mathematicians, traditional finance experts and traders, cryptographers, AI specialists, programmers, and crypto analysts. Through this unique combination, we aim to create a brand supported by quality and attention to detail, as well as to produce consistent, real-world results, sustained by a broad scope of analysis. Doing so helps solve the major problem that Funds, regardless of their size, tend to run into when tackling the analysis of complicated and highly-technical projects.

And, while our team is what keeps the D-Core engines going day and night, there is still, a third reason that we pride ourselves on:

Reason #3: Connecting the dots.

Just as we believe in decentralisation, we understand that the Internet Age is about two things: Creating value and sharing it.

We aim to go a step further than just providing information to help allocate capital. Just as an incubator, D-Core prouds itself on nurturing valuable projects with the key relationships and synergies they need to develop their true potential. Whether the talent we spot is in need of guidance or a tweak to speed away in the right direction, the time we’ve spent recruiting a mixed team of specialists, leaders, and innovators, as well as valuable partnerships and alliances, proves itself valuable time after time. Having such a wide array of resources at an arm’s length can’t cause any harm, and it can certainly make a change!

Some say that luck favours the brave. In D-Core, we choose to be brave by being different, and by creating a foundation that innovates from the start.

We choose to be brave, by always trying to be better!


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