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Our core values: D-Core’s contribution to society

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There’s both science and art to the D-Core method. On one side, we aim to perfect our processes to provide the most unbiased, accurate reports and recommendations that we can. On the other, we expect to do this by honouring the principles of decentralisation and innovation that distinguish Decentralized Ledger Technologies.

So, how do we succeed in balancing the scales?

Connecting the dots (or the nodes!)

At D-Core, we’re convinced that having a clear compass allows us to guide our every decision and do our job better. It’s only through this clarity that we can honour our core principles and perform at our highest capacity, as well as lead others with our example.

We, therefore, break down our contributions into the following categories:

1. Accuracy and transparency

We understand the responsibility and trust placed upon us by financial firms and funds and act on their best interest. With this in mind, we’ve established a trustless evaluation system that makes sure that projects get reviewed transparently and factually, removing biases and providing a quality product.

As for transparency, we dare to do something that many companies do not: We follow our own advice!

2. Showcasing true decentralisation and collaboration

D-Core is committed to showcasing how decentralisation and crowdsourcing can bring innovation to companies and organisations of all kinds. We uphold these values by structuring our research branches in this way and aim to be a household name when it comes to applying decentralisation principles instead of traditional power hierarchies. Not a single decision that goes towards a D-Core report is taken by a lone individual!

We also use existing blockchains in many of our everyday activities, mainly for our research reward systems, adding a deeper layer of support to DLTs to our operations.

3. Aligning interests for the greater good

Our reports give us the unique opportunity of connecting existing capital with those who need it the most. Believing in the potential for true transformation that DLTs offer many industries, we take this as an opportunity to foster good within the world. The projects we evaluate, therefore, are assessed on financial viability terms, both also with a focus on human quality, values and big-picture goals.

Our mission, as we understand it, is to make sure that great ideas and projects get the funding they truly deserve, while rewarding as many people as possible for participating on this chain. We pride ourselves on creating financially rewarding jobs that can be done by competent individuals anywhere, at any time, with a low carbon footprint and in a quickly-developing industry with prospects for growth.

Unconventional wisdom

There’s a widespread image in the world that financial industries uphold little to no values other than making a profit. Perhaps, then, the greatest contribution that we at D-Core can make towards the world is to introduce new ways to interact with financial worlds, always guided by clear, positive compasses.

Let us know if you ever find that we can get better at any of our core values!


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