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Weekly Recap 26 September – 03 October 2022

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Networks & Protocols

  • StarkWare released a detailed update and a timeline for its planned Cairo 1.0 move and the Regenesis. According to the published timeline, the Cairo 1.0 release will occur by the end of 2022. After Regenesis, the StarkNet system will be fully based on Cairo 1.0, which is expected to bring new possibilities like sequencers DOS protection, censorship resistance, and gas metering.
  • The Cosmos team released its latest whitepaper, “The Cosmos Hub,” which discusses key themes planned for the network going forward. The paper describes the renewed layered architecture of the Cosmos Hub. The layers discussed include Hub’s Interchain Security and Liquid Staking functionality, the newly proposed Interchain Scheduler, and the Interchain Allocator. The Cosmos ecosystem native currency, ATOM, will be on a new path, per the whitepaper.The proposal has to, however, get through the governance vote before it can be implemented.
  • The Polkadot roadmap roundup presented several development topics that are planned for the coming quarters. Among the proposed developments is a Governance V2, a novel governance system that removes the council and technical committees, introduces the Polkadot Fellowship, and moves every decision in Polkadot to referendums by the community.

  • A full prototype of Chainlink’s Fair Sequencing Services (FSS) was unveiled at SmartCon 2022. The goal of the FSS is to reduce harmful MEV (Maximum Extractable Value).
  • Researchers reported several practically-exploitable cryptographic vulnerabilities in the Metrix standard and its communications protocol Element. This Tweet thread sums up the findings.
  • Solana Network experienced another outage over the weekend. The developers launched a cluster restart of the Mainnet beta to resume network operations.
  • Swaps and LP activity on ThorChain were temporarily suspended because an upgrade to the Peer-to-Peer (p2p) protocol showed degraded performance. At the same time, a separate issue encountered on Stagenet caused a delay in the launch of AVAX on ThorChain. with an update to the ThorNode, trading and LP activity were re-enabled.


  • SWIFT is using Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) in an initial proof of concept.


  • Reportedly, Uniswap Labs is raising between $100 – $200 million at a valuation of $1 billion.
  • Security services provider to web3 wallets, Blowfish, announced the product launch and its $11.8 million funding round. Blowfish has developed firewall technology to identify malicious transactions in real time.


  • Instagram and Facebook now allow all users to crosspost NFTs. The new feature is available in only 100 countries, and was initially restricted to selected digital artists. Learn more here.
  • Warner Music Group to guide its artists to OpenSea NFT marketplace. More details here.


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