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What is D-Core?

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The Opportunity

The DLT (decentralised ledger technology) field can be incredibly lucrative for those who know how to invest into it. This space, which covers the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, among others, can compare to the early days of the Internet when it comes to innovation, potential, and enthusiasm, with opportunities sprouting everywhere for those willing to take them. And, as technology gains momentum, it seems that those who join early will reap most of the rewards.

The Problem

Unfortunately for new and seasoned investors alike, and as it’s often the case with emerging industries, identifying potential wins seems to be getting harder rather than easier. Not only has the market shifted from an impulsively bullish, sentiment-driven to a more analytical and institutional approach, but the complexity and depth of the technology itself call for better-structured projects that can adapt to the times. Nowadays, for investors to be able to assess a project’s strengths and weaknesses, they need to understand the intricacies of the markets along with the nuances of marketing, developing, and maintaining a successful company in various fields, a seemingly impossible task.

At D-Core, we believe in using the core principles of decentralisation, cooperation, and innovation to solve these problems. Using our extensive experience with finance and digital communities, we’ve crafted the D-Core Process: A lean, systematic approach to crowdsourcing knowledge and expertise.

The Solution

Our process analyzes DLT projects around the clock by using a network of niche experts in fields ranging from social media to token specifics. To build a system with a focus on providing valuable information, we’ve used existing blockchains along with a custom platform to allocate tasks to knowledgeable individuals and reward them in proportion to their contribution.

Through this system:

  1. D-Core identifies remarkable projects in the DLT field.
  2. Researchers are assigned tasks. These duties, posed as questions, can be solved to the best of their abilities by seeking the team involved with the project at hand, looking at the code, or whatever means they think is necessary. Researchers are also required to provide satisfactory evidence for their claims to be accepted.
  3. Researchers submit their answers to a Quality Assurance team that, without any previous information on the project, cross-checks the validity of the evidence presented in contrast with the researchers’ claim. This process continues until the consensus of an answer’s viability has been reached.
  4. The answers that are qualified by the Quality Assurance team are then sent to an Editorial team.
  5. The Editorial team produces a report with recommendations and factual information.
  6. The Editorial team’s report is either accepted or rejected by the D-Core’s Venture Partners, an expert panel with significant experience and accomplishments in the DLT industry. In case the report gets rejected, more rounds of research are to be conducted.
  7. When a report is approved by the Venture Partners, it is now final, its contents are stylized, and it’s distributed as a final product to investment funds and institutions, including KMG, that aims to invest heavily in D-Core’s recommendations.

With this process, D-Core upholds the trustlessness and cooperation vision of Decentralized ledger technologies, while solving the expertise problem required to invest in upcoming technologies. Our reports intend to unify the institutional panorama when it comes to DLTs, supporting the genuine projects that represent a technological advance.

At our core, we aim to benefit both ends of the financial capital distribution, as well as backing the development of world-changing technologies.


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